Trades independently
without human intervention!

The money is stored in your account,
from a broker that has been in existence since 2009

It is possible to start trading with $250

Connect a system that generates revenue
23 hours a day, 5 days a week, automatically!

GOT is a trading robot with a monthly yield from 3% to 25%
The Got Lite trading robot has an “Autolot” function, with the help of this function, the funds earned by the robot are capitalized

The initial rate that the robot trades depends on the deposit. If the deposit is increased by $ 250, the robot automatically raises the bet

Thus, if you had launched a robot in 2019 for $ 1000, then on January 1, 2024, your deposit would have been $22099
How to make $21,000 out of $1,000 using the GOT Lite trading robot
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A quick increase in the deposit or long-term trading,
which to choose?

We have created 2 versions of the robot:

GOT is a robot with the ability to customize the strategy from moderate (10-15% per month) to aggressive (50%-60% per month)

It is used to quickly increase the deposit and is suitable for those

who are willing to take moderate and high risks.

When trading this robot, it is best to withdraw the earned funds every week or every day

GOT Lite is configured for long-term use, with a smooth set of capital, with a yield of 3-5% per month. When trading this robot, it is better to use a long-term strategy, capitalizing on the earned funds

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GOT trading robot - is a great tool for increasing capital

It works day and night
A person physically will not be able
to trade like that
An algorithm that always earns wherever the price goes, in almost any phase of the market
Liquidation protection is activated when the price changes dramatically in the market, withdrawing the deposit from the drawdown
A reliable exchange, that has been paying steadily since 2009 regulates the Securities and Exchange Commission IFSC in Belize and CYSEC in Cyprus
Easy input and fast output
Money can be withdrawn in 5 minutes any day in the crypto or on the card
Technical support and chat with robot users
We help install and setup the robot
Reviews what GOT and GOT Lite users say
How do I install a trading Robot?
  1. Register on the exchange, open an account
  2. Installing the trading terminal and the GOT robot on the server
  3. Installing a mobile application on your smartphone
  4. Enter the settings and launch the robot
  5. Look at how the robot trades and makes money on price movements
  6. Withdraw the profit to the card or in cryptocurrency
In order not to do all this on our own, we can configure the GOT robot turnkey or go to the installation istructions

The price of the GOT trading robot

  • 300$
  • Annual subscription
  • The yield is 3-5% per month*
  • Start deposit 250$
  • A low-risk algorithm for smooth capital raising
  • Protection from liquidation
  • Access to the chat of the bot owners
Order a Robot
  • 500$
  • Annual subscription
  • The yield is 10-25% per month*
  • Start deposit 1000$
  • A moderate or aggressive algorithm to boost the deposit
  • Protection from liquidation
  • Access to the chat of the bot owners
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*The average monthly return for the past period is indicated. Profitability over the past period does not guarantee profitability in the future. Profitability depends on the price on the open market.

What algorithm does the GOT trading robot use?

The Got trading robot is a grid robot with hedging, cutting protection
Yes, we understand that it sounds difficult)

In simple terms, the robot places a buy order (long) if the price goes up and a sell order (short) if the price goes down. If the price reverses and goes in the opposite direction, the robot opens another order, larger than the previous one - this is how the grid of orders is formed (that is why the bot is called grid). As soon as the price reverses, the robot closes the last orders in +, the profit from which covers the loss from the first ones.
The more orders are collected in one grid, the greater the profit, but the greater the load on the deposit (drawdown).
If the load becomes dangerous, protection is triggered. The protection is a large volume order, in the opposite direction. As soon as the profit on the protective order covers the loss from the grid order, they close at breakeven. Thus, the grid of orders is "cut out". If the price rolls back to the grid level, the protection is disabled.

Of course, there are risks everywhere, especially in margin trading, thanks to which GOT works. We have considered every situation:

  1. The price starts to rise or fall sharply, without rollbacks. In this case, a large grid of orders is collected, which greatly loads the deposit. If the load is critical (there will be no free margin), then liquidation (loss of deposit) may occur. To prevent this from happening, the robot provides protection
  2. Gap - the opening of trading with a large price difference from the closing. If the robot remains with a large number of open orders, the load on the deposit may greatly increase. In this case, the robot has an auto-drying mode (closing all positions before the end of trading)
  3. Swap is the transfer of open orders to the next trading day. The swap can be positive and negative, i.e. either the broker pays you for the transfer (which is extremely rare), or you pay the broker (most often). Drying will also help here, we close all positions before the end of trading
  4. The broker will stop the payments. We specifically chose a broker who has a long and positive history, and also has no reasonable negative reviews. Roboforex has been in existence since 2009. We have conducted a large analysis of reviews on the Internet, and have not found any justified negative reviews. Also, this broker is in the top 3 rating of brokers, which is confirmed by many observers and traders.

We have tried to foresee all possible risks. But you need to understand that they exist and it is impossible to completely get rid of them when trading futures!
But there are risks, right?
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How to deposit and withdraw money
Why this particular broker?
The broker has been in existence since 2009.
And he always withdraws his clients' funds without any problems
It is in the top brokers according to many reviewers
Strict regulation
The broker's activities are regulated by the European Securities Commission (CES). Which eliminates price manipulation.
The commission also monitors the financial condition of the broker.
Excellent support service.
You will receive an answer to all your questions within an hour
Быстрый и удобный вывод средств. До 1000$ деньги выводятся в течении 5 минут, свыше - в течении часа (вывод проходит ручную модерацию). Выводить можно на карту и в криптовалюте
Referral Programе
Roboforex broker pays about 1% of the partner's trading turnover.

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